Editorial: A promising web of preservation expands across South Carolina

A Greenwood couple donates a 19th century Greek Revival home in Newberry to a statewide nonprofit that plans to sell it and use the proceeds to repair a historic Abbeville church with many links to Charleston.

That’s just one way a web of preservation is being spun widely across the state by the nonprofit group Preservation South Carolina. It’s a promising effort.

Mike Bedenbaugh, Preservation South Carolina executive director, acquired the 1850s-era home in Newberry as a donation from Dr. O.M. and Linda Cobb of Greenwood. Her great-grandmother bought the home in 1891. The ideal outcome would be a win-win: placing the home in the hands of a new preservation-minded owner and using part of the proceeds to help repair Trinity Episcopal Church, one of the state’s most significant at-risk churches.

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