Program Objective

The objective of the program is to support a local congregation, community, civic group, or business organization to help them preserve a historic sacred space.

Grants from Preservation South Carolina’s Saving Sacred Spaces Fund encourages preservation at the local level by providing seed money for preservation projects.  Grants are generally awarded on an annual basis, on or around February 1 of each year.


The purpose of the Sacred Spaces Fund is to help local congregations, businesses or religious organizations, preserve South Carolina’s historic collection of churches and temples. To be eligible, the sacred space must be in South Carolina and be at risk of being lost without outside assistance.


Congregations, business or religious organizations: there must be a viable group concerned about the preservation of the sacred space.  The Grant Program is not intended to help preserve a sacred space that has no identified sponsor or sustained organized support system.

Historic: for consideration, a sacred space must be of historic significance.  Properties that are either eligible or listed in the National Register of Historic Landmarks, contribute to a district that is listed in the National Register of Historic Landmarks, or has been awarded a South Carolina Historical Marker, all would fit within that criteria, as would any property that is otherwise worthyof such consideration.

Without outside assistance, means that the grantees must demonstrate that the parish or religious authority has expressed limited to no interest in raising or providing the necessary funds to save the historic religious structure.

Grant Conditions

Applicants must match the grant amount 1-1 with either cash or in-kind donations.

Grant recipients will be selected by considering, among other points, the following criteria:

  • The significance of the project or resource.
  • The need for funding and the urgency of the project.
  • The project’s budget and the applicant’s ability to secure a match.
  • The project’s timeline.
  • The long-term objectives or impact of the project.
  • The qualifications of the key personnel.

Sacred Spaces Grant Application

Fields marked with * are required

Prepare for Your Grant Program Application

Below is a check list to help you gather the required information and prepare for your grant submission. Saving Sacred Spaces Grant Program Applications will be available in Summer of 2020.

SC Sacred Space Information
[  ] Sacred Space Name
[  ] Address
[  ] City
[  ] County

Contact Information
[  ] Contact Name
[  ] Your position as it relates to the Sacred Space
[  ] Your Email
[  ] Phone Number

Structure Information
[  ] Provide a brief description of the structure's current situation
[  ] Who owns the structure?
[  ] Is there an active congregation? If yes, how many members?
[  ] Who is the governing authority responsible for the structure’s maintenance?

Design & Building Information
[  ] Who designed the building?
[  ] Was the building designed by an architect? Yes or No
[  ] Who physically built the facility?
[  ] What was the role of members and local craftspeople?
[  ] What was the source of building materials?
[  ] Did the selection of building style have theological/religious significance? Yes or No

SC Sacred Space Significance
[  ] How does the building uniquely contribute to South Carolina’s general or religious history?
1) Who founded the congregation?
2) How did they relate to the community?
[  ] How did the congregation respond to key events in local or national history?
[  ] How has your building or complex of buildings served as a symbol of your community’s heritage?


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