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Society Hill Trinity Episcopal Church

New Book Aims to Preserve Endangered Sacred Spaces

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By Samantha Lyles, Staff Writer,
Society Hill’s Trinity Episcopal Church. Photo by Samantha Lyles

As modern “megachurches” spring up in more and more communities across America, many older churches are seeing their congregations dwindle. Decreased attendance makes it difficult to fund upkeep of these historic chapels and sanctuaries, and the number of at-risk sacred spaces is growing.

“We used to mostly get calls from people worried that a historic house or downtown building was in trouble, but in recent years we started hearing people say that the church their family used to attend was falling in. We saw more of that happening,” says Mike Bedenbaugh, executive director of Preservation South Carolina, a nonprofit founded to protect and restore our state’s architectural history.

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By Author & Photographer, Bill Fitzpatrick

Proceeds Benefit Preservation South Carolina’s Endangered Sacred Spaces Fund 

This magnificent book contains 248 pages filled with magnificent photographs and stories of some of the most interesting sacred spaces in South Carolina. Writer and Photographer Bill Fitzpatrick takes us on a tour of the famous and less known churches while introducing us to the people who go about the business of guarding their church’s history and our states spiritual heritage. 

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